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“We are Nevada’s largest Business Broker!  Every year more large and small companies and men and women choose to buy and sell businesses in Las Vegas.”

“The Land of Business Opportunity for so many people from all parts of the USA and the world has been Las Vegas, Nevada.”

Business sales, commonly referred to as “bulk sales, are a very different breed of sale.  They require special knowledge and skills.  Business sales and franchise sales are unlike regular real estate commercial or residential sales in many ways.  In Nevada, a separate Business Broker Permit is required in addition to a State Real Estate License.  “Do you have a Nevada Business Broker’s permit”? is the appropriate question to ask anyone you intend to deal with for business services.  “I don’t have one but my Broker has one.” is not ever an acceptable answer to your inquiry.  At First Choice Business Brokers, everyone has the required Nevada’s Business Broker Permit.

Let Ed Smith’s 50 plus years of full time experience help you through the pitfalls and minefields of selling or buying your business in Las Vegas!  Ed has won many achievement awards and is rated the top business broker sales agent in Nevada and Ed is the record holder for “Sales of the Year”!  Call or e-mail Ed to help you obtain the information you need in order to make an informed decision about buying or selling your business or franchise in Las Vegas.  For businesses in Las Vegas or franchises in Las Vegas, it’s Ed Smith!!

This website will not put you to sleep!  It has answers to the questions that other sites do not!  It is designed to be short, concise and to the point with important details and opinions by Ed Smith himself!  In additionl, Michele Muscato, Ed’s highly training and fully licensed professional assistant is available to assist you as well.  We are here to help you!  In addition, there are numerous very helpful website pages and important links.  This is the Site for businesses for sale in Las Vegas and franchises for sale in Las Vegas.

Buyers and Sellers, please review all of our helpful website pages and links!

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