Edward J Smith, Ltd., “Ed Smith” is a licensed real estate Broker-Salesman in the State of Nevada. Ed also possesses the difficult and legally required State of Nevada Business Broker Permit. During the last 20+ years, he has listed and sold Las Vegas businesses and business real estate at First Choice Business Brokers, Nevada’s largest business broker.

First Choice, a National Franchise Company, has about 24 offices all over the Country. Often Ed is a guest speaker at the annual First Choice Business Broker’s national conference held in Las Vegas for all the offices. Plus Ed’s New York-New Jersey metropolitan area 30+ year previous and extensive background experience has always been a very strong personal and professional asset in closing sales for his clients.

Ed Smith is considered Nevada’s top business broker. His selling and negotiation experience embrace just about every type of business that exists. This includes but is not limited to: small and large restaurants, fast food franchises, national franchises, auto repair & body shops, light and heavy manufacturing, service industry, dry cleaning, slot taverns, tanning & beauty salons, adult and strip clubs, publishing, professional medical, legal and accounting services, health and medical services and practices, retail operations, mail box stores, limo companies, motels, multi-unit chains, and more! Price ranges vary from as little as $50,000 to well into the many millions of dollars!

Ed Smith’s 50+ years of full-time business listing and sales experience exceeds most other professionals in the same or similar fields. He’s been involved in just about every type of business sales structure including cash asset sales, SBA financed purchases, seller carry purchases, lease-to-own deals, equipment leasing, leasehold interests, and more. All contacts and communications with Ed Smith’s business buyers and sellers, existing or potential, are always kept in very strict confidence. Approximately 50% or more of Ed’s business is repeat or referral.

Some of Ed Smith’s business and real estate experience includes:

  • The coveted CRB, Certified Real Estate Brokerage Manager designation. The Certified Real Estate Brokerage Manager (CRB) designation is recognized industry-wide as the measure of success in brokerage and real estate business management. This designation is awarded by the Council of Real Estate Brokerage Managers to REALTORS® who have completed the Council’s advanced educational and professional requirements. CRB designees consistently increase their level of industry knowledge, advance their earning and career potential, increase their firm’s profitability and benefit from active involvement in a network of real estate professionals.
  • Professional business and real estate appraisal experience as an RM candidate of the American Institute of Real Estate Appraisers and as a licensed Business Broker. This is coupled with years of professional expert testimony and in a variety of courts.
  • Was appointed to and has held numerous important Realtor Committee Chairman positions with the Passaic County, NJ Board of Realtors including Chairman of the Passaic County Board of Realtors By-Laws Committee. Wherein he and his committees rewrote the entire set of by-laws for the Board. Passaic County is a suburb of New York City.
  • Ed was classified as a “Real Estate Expert” in the Superior Courts of Passaic County and Bergen County, NJ. This classification goes well beyond the more traditional “real estate appraiser” classification as it adds much more horizontal and vertical latitude in the expert level offered and required for this broader variety of testimony. Includes the New Jersey County Superior Courts and the United States Federal Bankruptcy Court for the District of New Jersey in Newark, NJ.
  • Ed represented real estate, business use interests and land use development for buyers and sellers. Ed’s expert testimony also included client representation for certain bankruptcy proceedings, matrimonial, death and incompetency estates and class action law suits. Ed has testified in Clark County, Nevada proceedings as well as and including Federal Criminal Court.
  • Represented numerous buyers, sellers, developers, and architect clients appearing before city, county, and state Planning Boards and the Boards of Adjustment in many communities in Passaic and Bergen Counties, New Jersey. Assignments including major and minor land use, business uses, and rezoning of real estate and variances for non-conforming uses. Has also advised land and business use clients in the Las Vegas area as well.
    Did location site location work for major national companies including McDonald’s, Burger King, Pizza Hut, 7-Eleven, and other commercial strip center and shopping center locations.
  • Ed sells more national franchises than anyone else in Nevada. For example, out of the last approximately 35 Dairy Queens sold, Ed has sold approximately 31 of them.
  • He has had his own national AM business talk radio show in Las Vegas and has appeared on business TV for commentary on a major network.
  • By invitation, Ed has done classroom seminars for the business department at the College of Southern Nevada for many times per semester for approximately 7 years. His high-quality seminars always encouraged return engagements.
  • Ed does business consultation for real estate and business buyers, sellers and owners and entrepreneurs.

Has won more top salesman awards than any other business broker in Nevada! Ed Smith has been the “Salesman of the Year” for most of his years with First Choice Business Brokers and he is the record holder for this title. Ed’s very savvy Las Vegas business market experience coupled with the resources of First Choice Business Brokers offers buyers and sellers his unprecedented skills and abilities for all Clark County and Las Vegas business purchases, listings, sales, and consulting work. Ed Smith, the Las Vegas Business Broker, is the experienced professional that business buyers and sellers want on their side!



Record Holder, Salesman of the Year!
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Michele Muscato
Ed's Fully Licensed Assistant
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A picture is worth 1,000 words!

“Award presentations like this come from helping people!” – Ed Smith

Call (702) 274-7320 or email edsmith@fcbb.com  Photos of Ed Smith’s office at First Choice Business Brokers